Bike and Buggy Hire

Getting out and about

Bluestone is a car-free resort, but don't worry we make it easy - and fun - to get around. At Bike and Buggy Hire you can pick up your pre-booked transport and get some tips for travelling around during your stay.

Booking early is essential to secure your preferred mode of transport! 


Getting You Started

Next to the entrance barrier, Bike and Buggy Hire is open daily and for many guests, it's their first port of call after checking in.

The friendly team can also help you with any problems you might have with your transport during your stay and help you with cycling routes and exploring the area.



Getting Out and About

Once your car is safely secured in the guest car park, there are several options to get around and explore all 500 acres during your stay.


Bikes and Buggies
Explore 500 acres



Fun On Two Wheels

Cycling is a great way to explore Bluestone and with tag and trailer hire, the whole family can enjoy themselves.


 If you decide to get out on two wheels or two feet, with miles of nature trails and cycle paths to explore, there are exciting and intriguing discoveries to be made both around the resort and outside.

Beyond the resort, there are cycle routes that will take you through Canaston and Minwear woods. 





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