Ranger HQ

The perfect place to start a forest adventure.

Welcome to Ranger HQ, our forest outpost where you can learn all about the amazing wildlife who live with us here on the resort and take part in exciting outdoor activities.


Our Wildlife Hub

If you're interested in the great outdoors, Ranger HQ should be your first stop.

It has lots of local wildlife information, fun facts and expedition maps complete with ranger points of interest around Bluestone.

You will also be able to see real life footage of the wildlife activity captured from within the woods.



Wildlife and Nature

We have lots of wildlife living with us on resort, including rare and protected species.

Living just in the woodland we have badgers, foxes, owls, rabbits, and mini beasts. Some animals only come out at night and others you’ll only know they’ve been there from spotting their tracks.




Water Adventures

If you're taking part in any of our lake activities, then you're fun will start at Ranger HQ where you'll meet your instructor and get ready.

With a kitting out area, toilet and shower facility with disability access - perfect for the adventures ahead.




Outdoor Ranger Workshops

The outdoor workshop provides a beautiful environment with views across the lake as a base for the activities.

The activities encourage learning through play, using natural resources to fuel the imagination.




Meet The Rangers

Our Rangers are experts on the resort and love to chat about their work, so if you’ve got any questions, then make sure you ask them, or just say hi as they go about their work.



Ranger HQ Activities

Explore the magic of nature, discover exciting wildlife, make new friends, and learn new skills. There's no better way for little legs to experience the great outdoors.


Nature Art
Use foliage to create your masterpiece!
Outdoor Detectives
An adventure into the forest