Nature Trail

Explore Bluestone's ancient woodland

Take your boots for a walk in the wild! Escape to the Nature Trail and immerse yourself in the wonder of the forest where you can explore miles of walking and bike trails that will take you through ancient woodland filled with unique and diverse wildlife.


Walking and cycling trails

Bluestone has 230 acres of woodland and landscaped area to explore during your break.

To help you see it all you can enjoy a range of different walks and cycle routes as well as pathways that take you off the resort and into Pembrokeshire’s National Park.





Did you know?

The woodland at Bluestone includes a wide range of tree species native to Pembrokeshire including oak, ash birch, rowan, sweet chestnut, willow, alder, field maple, crab apple, elder, and wild cherry.

Try to spot them all during your break!


Penglyn Brook

Running through the Steep Ravine, past Camp Smokey, and down into the ancient woodland, Penglyn Brook is another busy place for animals.
It is regularly used by otters, as well as a host of other species, and we have been able to capture footage of them on our wildlife cameras.

We even have an artificial otter holt on Penglyn Brook, built with the help of the National Park volunteer ranger team.




Meet Your Elders

While walking along the Nature Trail, many guests stop to enjoy the woodland, but do you know how old the woodland actually is?

The quick answer is – probably much older than you! Much of Bluestone’s woodland has existed continuously since at least 1600 and probably much longer.

The majority of Bluestone’s woodland is classified as either plantation on ancient woodland site or ancient semi-natural woodland. Look out for ancient woodland indicator species such as bluebell, wood anemone, and primrose.




Night Life

You might not realise it, but once the sun goes down and you're asleep, the Nature Trail becomes a hub of activity as the nocturnal creatures come out to play.

There are many badger setts around the park, and to make sure our meline friends are staying safe, we observe their well-being with wildlife cameras. We’ve captured some magical moments!


Fancy a cycle trail a little more adrenaline-fuelled? Try our Half Day Electric Mountain Biking adventure through local trails and woodland! 

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