The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water

About 70% of your body is made up of water, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that staying hydrated is important to your health. Drinking water plays a huge role in keeping your body at its optimal health, as throughout the day and night your body will be using up your fluid resources to keep working properly.

There are so many health benefits related to drinking water and keeping your fluids at optimal levels, including some you may be surprised about. Here are just a few to help you get motivated to make sure you’re keeping your hydration levels topped up.


Hydrate, Feel Great


1. Improves energy levels and brain function

Our brain works best when it’s hydrated and drinking water can help you stay focused and alert, making you productive and more likely to achieve your goals. Even mild dehydration can impact your energy levels or mood and even lead to a reduction in brain performance.



2. Helps physical performance

This one will be important if you’re on a break with us – staying hydrated will help you perform at your physical best. Particularly during intense exercise or heat, your body will lose water via perspiration, and this can lead to a reduction in motivation, increased fatigue and make it harder both physically and mentally to keep going. Staying hydrated can prevent this from happening, giving you an energy boost and replacing crucial electrolytes lost in perspiration.

So, when you’re doing something active, make sure to keep drinking so you can perform at your very best.


3. Preventing and helping headaches

It’s a common complaint, but one you may be able to avoid if you’ve had enough water. A headache is an early sign you may be dehydrated and can also be used to treat them, so make sure to keep your water bottle handy.



4. Beautiful Skin

What’s the secret to glowing skin? Apparently, it’s not expensive products, the best-kept secret is drinking plenty of water. Water can help flush out toxins in your skin, prevent spots, reduce wrinkles, and improve elasticity. What a wonder product!


5. Eases aches and pains

Did you know approximately 70 to 80% of your joint cartilage is made up of water? This fluid acts as a lubricant to cushion the bones and ensure they don’t come into contact. When you’re dehydrated there is less water to lubricate the joints meaning you could develop.



6. Flushes out waste

Whether it’s sweat, urine, or your digestive system – water plays an important role in helping remove waste from the body and dehydration can lead to digestive problems.


7. Prevents Kidney Damage

The kidneys have an important job to do in regulating fluid in the body, and lack of water can cause problems such as kidney stones and UTI infections.



Making sure you get enough water


How much is right for you depends on your age, weight, and health, so make sure you find out exactly by speaking to a health care professional. Here are three tips to making sure you’re getting enough H20.

1. Bring your water bottle with you everywhere

This is especially true at Bluestone, where you’ll be using up lots of energy on adventures in the sunshine. Make sure your water bottle is by your side all day, so you can keep yourself hydrated as you enjoy yourself.  If you’ve arrived without one, don’t worry! We sell water bottles on the resort that will be perfect for your stay.


2. Keep track of your intake

The optimum amount of water intake will depend on your weight and health, but it’s important to be aware of how much, or little you’re drinking during the day.


3. Pace yourself

Don’t go overboard and drink your entire days’ worth of water in a few hours! Like everything in life, little and often is the way to go. That means you will keep your hydration levels topped up all day.


Hydration at Bluestone

With so many activities and chances to enjoy yourself, it's really important that you're at your best during your stay at Bluestone. If you're visiting the Well Spa or doing one of our high-octane activities, it's incredibly important that you stay hydrated.

If you're running low when out and about, remember you can fill up your water bottles at six different refilling stations across the resort.



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