Renewable Energy

Bluestone uses a lot of energy. Enough to run a moderately-sized National Park resort in fact!


The two main forms of energy we use at Bluestone are electricity and biomass, though we also use some LPG, kerosene and diesel. Like most people, we are keenly aware of the effect burning fossil fuels has on the climate, and we strive to be responsible with our energy use.

Bluestone has a REGO-backed electricity supply, which means that all our consumption is matched by energy from a zero carbon renewable source within the UK. You can rest assured that electricity use within our central buildings is zealously scrutinised, and new ways of saving energy are implemented all the time. Most recently, LED lighting upgrades were completed in the Farmhouse Grill (where you'll also notice super-efficient infra-red heaters), the Tafarn and our Housekeeping HQ.


Biomass is defined as 'organic matter used as fuel'. In our case, that means woodchip, which is burnt in two on-site energy centres to provide heat for the Blue Lagoon and 60 of our newest lodges.

All biomass used at Bluestone is BSL-approved woodchip, which means it is produced according to strict sustainability criteria. The woodchip, supplied by a local and long-term partner called PBE Ltd, is sourced from FSC-certified plantations and created from the residual material produced at sawmills. All sources are within 30miles of PBE's processing site, a stone's throw from Bluestone.

Using biomass instead of an oil product to heat Blue Lagoon saved the emission of around 1300 tonnes of CO2e per year.


Bluestone supports the aim of 'net zero' carbon emissions by 2050, and we recognise that de-carbonising our energy is one of the key challenges we face. But we have a number of exciting schemes up our sleeve which will ensure progress along the route to carbon neutrality, and we hope to share news of our plans soon!


The Serendome


We feel you do not need to board a plane to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, and the creation of our magnificent Serendome is proof of our commitment to providing a unique holiday experience, come rain or shine. The biggest umbrella in the UK will keep you dry while the beautiful Welsh rain nourishes the lush, green landscape ready for your next excursion into the Pembrokeshire National Park and beyond.


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