The Tournament Field

The Perfect Battle Arena

Unleash your inner warrior and feel the exhilaration and thrill of combat sports at the medieval-inspired Tournament Field, overlooking the beautiful Preseli Hills.

It’s easy to spot the Tournament Field at the top of the resort (near to our Blue Lagoon!) thanks to its shields and flags and, with views out over the Preseli Hills it's the perfect setting to learn this style of battle technique. You can imagine knights and outlaws of the past roaming the hills of Pembrokeshire - just the inspiration you'll need when you've got your bow in your hand.




Let The Games Begin


Pick your weapon and step into the arena. Combining skill with friendly competition, these sessions are perfect for all abilities and give you the chance to try something completely different - how often do you get a chance to learn how to throw an axe?



Put your archery skills to the test with a fun-filled session at the tournament field.



Axe Throwing

Experience the thrill of axe throwing during an exhilarating session at our tournament field. Receive expert tuition and discover if you have what it takes to hit that bulls-eye.



Discover More


Your Medieval experience doesn't have to end there, keep the magic alive by exploring Pembrokeshire's castles, and uncovering our most dastardly myths and legends.


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