The Cloud Theatre

Where imagination has no limit

Above us only sky! Innovation, visionary art, and unique performances that push the boundaries of traditional entertainment, step into the Cloud Theatre where imagination has no limits.

Take your seat under Serendome's magical roof and enjoy a feast for the eyes and ears, as we take you on adventures around the globe, to the edges of the universe, and into worlds, you never knew existed.




Coming soon at The Cloud Theatre



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Theatre in Action


During our Winter Lights Festival in 2020, we took thousands of guests on an adventure to the edge of space with our incredible Starchitects Spectacular.

Enjoy a look back at our adventure beyond imagination.




A Place For Limitless Wonder



When we first came up with the idea for Serendome we knew it would need a special place for entertainment that would be more than just a venue. We wanted to create a space dedicated to performance art and equipped with everything we needed to give the full Bluestone experience.

Out of that came the idea for the Cloud Theatre a state-of-the-art amphitheatre where we turn traditional storytelling on its head.



Designed for escapism, Serendome's transparent roof means our theatre is weather-proof, but you still get the experience of an outdoor performance. We’ve always loved finding new ways to entertain and under Serendome's magical roof, we've created a home for entertainment, where we can create new and inspiring performance art.


Fusing Tradition and Innovation

Seating up to 400, the state-of-the-art amphitheatre is equipped for anything - from acrobats flying through the air, to an elf orchestra singing festive tunes – you’ll never know quite what to expect, and we like it that way!



Original and Unique

You won't be able to put our "shows" into a box, we take a bit from every performance medium to tell our stories in a brand new and exciting way.

Expect a visual feast that blends elements of cirque, animation, acrobatics, dance, music and song, and special effects.




Partners in Visionary Art

It takes a village to bring our ambitious projects to life and we have previously teamed up with some of the UK’s leading production and performance companies including the NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse Productions to make them a reality. We’ll continue to bring internationally renowned performance groups to Bluestone as we continue to push the boundaries of entertainment innovation.



Behind The Magic

Get to know the people behind the visionary entertainment at Bluestone. From the first concept, right down to the smallest detail on opening night, our team work hard on making the impossible a reality.



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