Our Lowest Booking Price Guarantee

We want to make sure our guests feel valued and that they're getting the best possible deal on their break. That's why whenever you make an accommodation reservation for Bluestone through our website we guarantee that you will receive the lowest rate possible.

If you do manage to find a publicly available rate that's lower we'll refund the difference.


Submit a Claim


Make A Claim

To make a claim, simply submit a Lowest Price Guarantee Claim form to us and we will amend your reservation to that lower rate and refund the difference.

LPG Claim Form Reserving on our site is quick and easy and with our Lowest Price Best Available Rate Guarantee there's no need to wait!

  • If you notice a change in our prices, please submit your claim by filling in the form above
  • Claims are only valid for the publicly available rate at the time of the claim being submitted
  • All claims must be made before arrival
  • If you have booked using a 10% low deposit booking offer and are using the price promise for an alternative offer code please be aware that you may need to pay the additional 25% deposit. Our Sales and Reservations team will be in touch with you if this is the case. 



Terms And Conditions

Bluestone Resorts Ltd guarantees that the Bluestone website will have the best accommodation rate. For a claim to be valid under this Best Rate Guarantee it must satisfy all of the terms & conditions contained herein and be submitted in compliance with the claim processing procedures set forth below. If you find and advise Bluestone of a lower publicly available room rate carrying the same rate conditions (see below) for the same accommodation type, and for the same dates and number of guests, after making a reservation on the Bluestone website, we will amend your reservation to the lower rate and refund the difference. Simply fill in the form above by clicking the "Submit a Claim" button.


Accommodation Types and Length of Stay

The Best Rate Guarantee will apply if the accommodation type that is the same as accommodation type that can be booked on a competing website.

The length of stay must be the same in order for the best available rate guarantee to be valid.


Rate Conditions and Currencies

The Best Rate Guarantee applies to a lower rate displayed on the Bluestone website that is available to the general public and does not require the use of a private offer code and must have the same conditions as your original booking.  Rate conditions include, but are not limited to, advance purchase requirements, prepayments, deposit requirements, and cancellation and change policies.

Bluestone reserve the right to deny a claim where the rate displayed on our website is as a result of a private offer code or where the rate conditions are more restrictive than your original booking, for example, but not limited to rate requires full prepayment.

In the event that the competing website displays the rate in a different currency from the Bluestone rate, our Customer Service Representative handling your claim will convert the competitor’s rate into the same currency as the rate offered on the Bluestone website. The currency exchange rate to be applied will be based on the exchange rate in use by Bluestone at the time of handling your claim. After converting the competitor’s rate, Bluestone reserve the right to deny a claim where the competitor rate appears lower than the Bluestone rate if the difference between the rates is due to different currency exchange rates used by the two rate providers.


Unpublished Rates

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates (rates that are not publicly available). Rates not available to the general public include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate discount rates
  • Group rates
  • Meeting delegate rates
  • Any rates requiring membership in a club or program or other organisation where the rates are targeted toward a specific group of individuals and not intended for the general public
  • Direct mail solicitations
  • Electronic mail solicitations
  • Any rates requiring a promotional campaign code

Bluestone has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim.


Opaque Providers

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any rates from opaque providers including, but not limited to, Lastminute.com, Priceline.com, and Hotwire.com. An opaque provider is any provider that prevents the buyer from identifying the hotel until after the buyer has made a reservation and guaranteed payment. A site is opaque if it does not divulge any of the following information; (a) the name of the hotel, (b) the precise location of the hotel, (c) the identity or brand of the hotel, and (d) other specific information that may make it possible for the buyer to identify the hotel (e.g. hotel photographs, specific names of hotel food and beverage outlets).


Packaged Rates and Claims

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to packaged rates. Packaged rates include; (a) accommodation sold as part of a travel package, where Bluestone does not provide the extra service. Extra services include but are not limited to accommodation plus airfares, ferries, car rental or cruises, and (b) accommodation sold with value-added amenities, including, but not limited to, free breakfast, Spa Thermal Rooms entry, etc.
A claim must be submitted with 72 hours of seeing the lower rate by submitting a claim form with your confirmation number and the new lower price you have seen along with a link to where you have seen the price. 

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to existing reservations booked through a competing accommodation provider. If a reservation is booked through a competing room provider, Bluestone is not responsible for any fees associated with the cancellation of that reservation.
Bluestone reserve the right to deny a claim if it cannot independently verify the availability of the competitor rate at the time it processes the claim.

You agree that by submitting a claim you agree to these terms and conditions.

Upon validation of your claim, the Customer Service Representative will send an email or other communication to you that will show you the new rate you have been charged and will email you to confirm the refund of the difference between your original rate and the new lower rate.

If you have not received a confirmation from the Customer Service Department within 72 hours of submitting a claim, you may contact a Customer Service Representative by email or phone to check the status of your claim.


Successful Claim

In the case of a successful claim, the difference will be refunded to your original credit card, if applicable, within 72 hours of submitting your claim.


Additional Terms

Bluestone reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend, or discontinue the Best Rate Guarantee at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Bluestone Best Rate Lowest Price Guarantee is effective from 10th September 2013 and does not apply to bookings made prior to that date. Bluestone may in its absolute discretion decided to allow a claim for a booking made before the effective date but is under no obligation to do so.