Flexi Booking Rate

For the ultimate flexibility around your break choose our Flexi Rate. This allows you greater freedom around how you manage your break and will give added peace of mind.


What is the Flexi Rate?

Our new Flexi-rate is here for those times in life when the unexpected pops up to interfere with your plans. Whether it’s an illness or an appointment that you can’t afford to miss, with this option you’ll be able to move your break to a time that’s better suited to your family.


With the Flexi Rate you can:


  • Move your break to another break date of the same price at no extra cost up to 21 days before your arrival date.
  • Move your break to another date of a different price at no extra cost (you will be required to pay the price difference) up to 21 days before your arrival date.
  • Request a full refund of your booking (minus the Flexi-rate. All amendments and cancellations are subject to £35 administration fee) up to eight weeks before your arrival date after which only a voucher may be offered.
  • The value of a break turned into a credit voucher (must be used within 12 months of arrival date).



How do I book the Flexi-rate?

New Bookings Online

From the 16th July 2021, the Flexi-rate will be available during your booking journey. Simply add this element to your break.


New Bookings Via Phone

Contact our Reservations team on 01834 862 400 who can also apply it to your booking.


How do I use the Flexi-rate?

If you need to make a change under the Flexi-rate simply contact our Reservations team via email Flex@bluestonewales.com and include the following information, and we will reply within 5 days.

  • Booking confirmation Number
  • Information surrounding request
  • Requested dates or voucher request



New booking Flexi Rate Terms and Conditions:

  1. FLEXI is only available to new bookings made and is not available currently to existing bookings. 
  2. FLEXI bookings can be amended on a price paid, like for like basis up to 21 days in advance of your arrival date.
  3. If you cancel a FLEXI booking you will be charged your FLEXI rate plus a £35 amendment fee.
  4. FLEXI bookings can have the value paid (minus the FLEXI fee), turned into a credit voucher which must be used within 12 month of the arrival date to book a future available break.
  5. FLEXI bookings can request a refund of the booking (minus the FLEXI fee up to 8 weeks of the arrival date after which only credit will be offered.)
  6. Any increased values must be paid prior to 12 weeks of your arrival date.
  7. Once a break has been amended to a future date or accepted as a voucher and rebooked the value cannot be redeemed as cash or refunded if moved to an arrival date more than 8 weeks. (See point 12)
  8. Previous discounted rates or offer codes cannot be carried over to the new arrival date.
  9. The Lowest Price Guarantee still applies to bookings made on the FLEXI rate but must be compared to the same booking detail Flexi Rates only.
  10. FLEXI rate is only available for a break date if shown as bookable online and when booking more than 12 weeks in advance. Standard Booking terms and conditions also apply and can be found below.
  11. Once a break has moved date or a booking has been turned into credit the FLEXI rate no longer is carried over and must be repurchased if available. 
  12. Should you move the break or accept the value on a voucher and later rebook a break the following terms and conditions apply:
  13. If the moved break date is of a lower value then the price difference will be offered in credit to be used towards or during a future break.
  14. No cash refund of the price difference will be offered.
  15. You may re - add a flexi rate to your next booking, but should you need to cancel your rebooked break you may only turn the booking back into a voucher for use on a future break.


Standard Booking terms and conditions also apply and can be found below.


Terms and Conditions
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