Power Jump

All Ages
Adult required

The fourth side of the Power Tower, Power Jump is a test of nerve, trust, and strength!

A little different from our other climbing walls, Power Jump isn't for the faint-hearted. Make your climb to the platform and compose yourself for the leap of faith! Jump away from the tower and reach out for the bag suspended above The Hive floor, test your strength and see how long you can hold on, when your arms give up our super safe belay system will kick in returning you back to Earth!

You'll need to be fearless, up for the challenge, and have lots of energy to use up. You'll find Power Jump in The Hive and each session will include three attempts, giving you a chance to improve on each attempt. Combine it with the other sides of the Power Tower, or try the Adrenaline, an aerial adventure course.


Need to know

Session details

Each session will include three attempts at the Power Jumper and will take approx 10 to 20 minutes in total, depending on the speed and ability of the individual.

Height and weight

You must be a minimum height of 1.1m/3ft 7inch and a maximum weight of 120kg /18st to take part in this activity.

Clothing and footwear

No loose clothing, or hoodies. Please wear closed-toe footwear only. Anyone in open-toe, sandals/flip-flops or any other unsecured footwear will not be permitted.


Long hair must be tied back, jewellery such as hoop, or large earrings, and long necklaces should be removed. Rings can be removed or taped over.

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