Celtic Deep Offshore Expedition

Ages   16+
Paying adult required
10 hrs Session
Blue Lagoon Water Park

Explore the wild waters of Pembrokeshire like never before! A unique, up-close experience with the wildlife and wonders of the natural world that lives below and above the waves of West Wales.

A full day on the waves of the Celtic Deep as you become a floating beacon for some of the most spectacular wildlife. Heading out into deep open water, you’ll be on a search party for some mega marine animals. Taking the trip will give you a chance at meeting (and swimming with!) the oceans apex predator. Sharks comb the waters, with Threshers and Blue Sharks and potentially a rare sighting of the Mako.

Later in the year, whale watching is the order of business. Long finned and Minke Whales can often be found moving through the surf, whilst there’s even a chance to see the spectacular sight of the epic Humpback Whale.


Please note: We cannot guarantee that you will have sight of all these awesome animals, however we can guarantee a truly epic adventure.



Need to know

Swimming Ability

You must be a confident swimmer able to swim at least 100m unassisted to be able to take part in this activity

A Full Day Out

A trip to the Celtic Deep is a full day trip; 10 hrs with travel time of 2 hours each way on a boat

Experienced Guides

Our wildlife guides will help you identify sightings and give you tips on photography and snorkelling. The snorkelling activity is led by a qualified divemaster.


Arrive swim-ready with your costume on under your clothes. It can be chilly on the sea even on a sunny day, so please bring plenty of warm clothes.

Sun Protection

We'll be out at sea all day. Please bring factor 50 suncream, sun hat and sunglasses.


Lunch is included in your trip. We will contact you prior to your activity to check if you have any dietary requirements.


Book now for trips running from July 14th to October 5th 2022. For 2023 dates and availability, please call our Reservations team on 01834 862400.

Weather dependent

Please note, this activity is weather dependent. Our team will let you know of any unavoidable cancellations.

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