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Winter Lights

It might be cold outside but wrap up warm because there are lots of things to see at the Winter Lights.

We're so excited for Winter Lights 2024 and will be letting you know very soon what you've got to look forward to! Take a look below to see what our guests experienced this year.

The Wonder Wood

Complimentary activity around the Bluestone Lake.

As the sun sets, the magic begins to stir around the Bluestone Lake, as the enchanted light returns to the resort. This year’s enchanted trail tells the story of Mr. Wonder and the Wonder Wood. Mr. Wonder isn’t very good at being a wizard and has spent many hours practicing spells around Bluestone’s Lake and all his antics have caused some rather wonderful, exciting things to happen. 

Wander through the wonder of the enchanted trail around the beautiful lake, where you'll embark on a journey filled with magic and mischief. Explore the weird and wonderful, marvel at the incredible light creations, and enjoy all the oddities and enchanting accidents including the Light Maze, Wonder Pods, and Rainbow Bridge. Mr. Wonder has brought to life, not just the trees, but also those who live in the wood too. Make sure to look out for the curious creatures as you explore!

The pathway is brightest after sunset, where the glow will light your path, and you can really appreciate the spellbinding sight of the Wonder Wood. 


The Wonder Wood is filled with the most magical of places, here are just a few you won’t want to miss.


Wonder's Emporium

Visit Ranger HQ during your walk through the Wonder Wood, which has been turned into a wonder-filled emporium by one of Mr. Wonder’s accidental spells. Selling drinks and extras to enjoy, it’s the perfect pit-stop to make on your journey.



The Mellow Marshes

Mr. Wonder loves toasting delicious marshmallows, and he’s created the most wonderful place in his Wonder Wood for everyone to enjoy them too! Make sure to visit when you explore the Wonder Wood.







The Light Garden



This Winter Lights season, the Bluestone Village will be transformed into The Light Garden home of the enchanting Light Keeper. You’ll find the magical man in the centre of the village, but don’t expect him to be very talkative.

The Light Keeper is Mr. Wonder’s oldest friend and even gifted him with his very first wand. But, Mr. Wonder was not very careful with his very powerful present, and with his very first spell accidentally turned the Light Keeper into a statue. Thankfully, he awakens throughout the day, just long enough to dazzle you with an enchanting light show that transforms the village – it’s a sight to behold. Make sure you don't miss it!




Go Glow Buggies

Mr. Wonder went to lend hand to our Bike and Buggy Hire Team and has ended up enchanting the buggies with a colourful glow!

Travel the resort in style and glow wherever you go!

Simply book a standard buggy for your stay, and arrive ready to adventure on bright lights.


The Wonder Workshop

Step into the quirky, colourful, and wacky world of imagination of the Wonder Workshop, where sparks and flashes of magic fill the air! Mrs. Wonder oversees the fun of this craft and story workshop where you’ll get to play, create and have fun in the most wonder-filled setting.




Mr. Wonder’s Silly Circus

Mr. Wonder needs your help to put on the silliest show imaginable, will you join his crew of talented performers? Discover secret talents and learn circus skills from the silly wizard and help him pull off the most stupendous of big, daring tricks of all!

An interactive show for the whole family to enjoy, children can decide whether to get involved or stay in the audience.


*Images are for illustrative purposes only 


Special Extras 


That's not all you can look forward to, winter's enchantment will be sprinkled across Bluestone, lighting up your stay in the most magical way.

Even some of our buggies are in the spirit of Winter Lights! Keep an eye out and watch them glow as they go!



Winter Lights Breaks


You can experience the magic of the Winter Lights on all breaks between 2nd January to 23rd March 2023.Book now and look forward to a winter getaway filled with light and enchantment.


January Holidays and Short Breaks
Short Breaks and Holidays
A magical start to the year
February Half Term Breaks and Holidays
Short Breaks and Holidays
Spring into action





*Excludes arrival dates 13th February and 20th February 2023.

*Offer is available for a limited time only and may be withdrawn at any time.

*Limited availability on selected dates only.

omplimentary activities included in all Winter Lights Breaks:
 The Wonder Wood, Light Garden, 

Paid activities and extras that require purchasing ahead of your arrival: Mr. Wonder's Silly Circus, The Wonder Workshop

Go Glows: Buggies will be fitted with lights, there is no additional cost involved with the buggy rental and only requires a guest to book a standard buggy. Lights can be turned on or off, depending on the guest's preference.