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The Christmasland Chronicles make their return, from the 6th of November 2023.

Enchantment, Love and Family are what makes Christmas at Bluestone such a special experience, and this year we’ve got brand new tales to tell and memories for you to make as you join us for the most wonderful time of the year!



This year you’ll be greeted by giant Christmas trees as you enter resort in full festive glow. You’ll head down the twinkling approach to arrivals before being greeted by the Bluestone Welcome Elves as you take the first steps on your Christmasland journey!

Arriving at your accommodation you’ll receive your passport to adventure! This is your very own guide and checklist to all the festive fun happening on resort. 


Activities and Entertainment

Santa's Workshop

A sparkling experience the whole family can enjoy!
The first stop is the Jolly Ginger Bakery, where together with Jolly and Marshall Mallow you can create your own Jingles Elf Cookie and make your own slurptastic slush with festive flavours.

Once you've made your treats, it's time to move onto our second stop and meet the big man behind all the magic


Claus Christmas Show

To make dreams come true Claus will need the most powerful magic of all, the power of belief.

Will you come together and believe in magic? Will you believe in festive spirit and the happiness it brings? And will you believe in the dreams of a big-bellied woodsman who wants to spread joy to the world?

If you do, you might just see him fly!…



The Snow Globe

Enter the Snow Globe and be transported into a world of winter wonderment and magic! Make your way through the light tunnel, as you step foot in a land brought to life with festive spectacle. The tall twinkling Christmas tree stands proud whilst the sparkling snowflakes are suspended above from on high.

Our mini‐Christmas market will also be ready to welcome you, with savoury snacks, sweet treats, and Bluestone gifts!

Magic will be filling the air with the Snow Storm Spectacle as we bring the dome to life with light, sound and energy!



The Toy Lab

In the corner of the Toy Factory, hidden to all but Santa’s best helpers, is the secret entrance to Tinker’s Toy Lab!

You’ll put your imagination to the test, making crafts and creations, as you become one of Santa’s expert toy makers with the help of his top elves!

Reindeer Village

Join Rudolph as he brings the Village to life with light and love! Using his reindeer magic, Rudolph decorates the village with garlands, wreaths, baubles, and magical lights. Festive trees adorn the village, with the towering tree taking centre stage in the Village, greeting you as you walk down to take part in the festivities. There’ll be Christmas treats to warm your belly and your soul, as you take part in the magical world of the Reindeer Village!


Rudolph's Breakfast Barn

Begin your day with an all-singing, all-dancing, Christmas experience as Rudolph and his reindeer friends throw open the doors of their merry musical barn for a very special festive morning! Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, while Dancer, Prancer, and co, entertain you with festive singing, dancing, and lots of cheer, and remember to sing along if you know the words. The Rudolph Breakfast Barn is perfect for little ones and a great way to get your Christmasland experience off to a cracking start!


Elf Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Water Park gets a Christmas make over as it’s transformed into The Elf Lagoon!

With festive decorations and music, The Elf Lagoon invites you to make a splash!

Feel the festive flow and dive into the Elf Lagoon this Christmas!


Christmas Day Breaks 2023
Short Breaks and Holidays
Spend the big day with us
Christmas Breaks and Holidays
Short Breaks and Holidays
Eat, drink and be merry


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