Freshwater East to Swanlake Bay Coast Walk

On the south coast just a short drive from Bluestone, Freshwater East is a sandy beach that’s long been popular with holidaymakers. It used to be Pembrokeshire’s smuggling hotspot but now it’s more a favourite haunt for families, while Swanlake Bay is a little quieter as it can only be reached by foot.


Start in Freshwater where you can easily park and refuel before you set off. Take some time to check out the sand dunes, home to glow worms which you can spot emanating little green lights in the evenings.

Steer clear of walking on the dunes though as they are now protected after too much trampling over the years by visitors.


Walking Guide


Walk time: One and a half hours

Difficulty: Fairly easy

Toilets: Yes

Parking: Yes - in Freshwater East but you won't find any at Swanlake Bay - just the coast path

Food and drink: There are a pub and restaurant in Freshwater.


1. From the car park in Freshwater find the coast path and follow it along the cliff edge to where it drops down to Swanlake Bay.

2. Here it’s worth stopping to admire the quiet beauty, with the hulk of Manorbier Castle in the distance and plenty of rock pools for the children to explore. There are caves too, and unmistakable Robinson Crusoe vibes about the place when it’s particularly empty.

3. You can double back from here - or take a path on the right shortly after leaving the beach which takes you through the high-hedged country lanes back to Freshwater.


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