Midweek Breaks

Escape for a midweek adventure

There’s a whole load of days between Monday and Friday, so put them to good use and enjoy the best possible start to your week with a short break to Bluestone. Swap your commute for walks in the forest, swimming at the Blue Lagoon, and adventures with your family in a stunning landscape.

Our midweek breaks start on a Monday and end on a Friday, giving you five days of Free Range fun to enjoy on the resort and beyond. There’s no such thing as the Monday blues when you’re arriving for a magical few days with us.


Four Nights Of Bliss

Weekdays aren’t just for working! Make the most of your time away from the 'everyday' with walks in the great outdoors, games in the meadow, and adventures in the great outdoors.

Getting away from it all and doing what you love, with your favourite people, is the best way to feel like you've had a real escape.


Moments To Treasure

From the Blue Lagoon water park to the incredible Serendome, there's so much to do at Bluestone from woodland adventures to treks through the forest and fun on the lake.

Whether it's action, relaxing, or getting closer to nature, it's the perfect place to spend time away from the everyday.


Explore Pembrokeshire

With an extra day for your break, there's even more opportunity to discover the wonders of Pembrokeshire.

Our magical coast has so many undiscovered secrets and incredible places to visit, that you might not have realised were so close.


Midweek Adventures

Remember, in Pembrokeshire, we don't wait until the weekends for thrill-seeking activities along the coast, on the beach, and in the rolling Preseli Hills.

Every day is a chance to get outdoors and try something new. Coasteering on a Wednesday morning before a sunset stroll across the beach?

Doesn't sound bad, does it?


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Discover Bluestone and Beyond
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