Partners at the heart of Bluestone

Valued partners are truly at the heart of Bluestone, supporting the vast array of services that we offer and provide to our guests. From our heating to our Pembrokeshire meat and veg supplies, to support our maintenance team – local suppliers and operators are a massive part of the Bluestone Family.  


A year like no other


Last week we were delighted to reopen the Bluestone gates and welcome our first guests back to the resort. This was a monumental step after over three months of lockdown. This reopening of the industry doesn’t just affect immediate operators like us. Indeed, hospitality businesses like Bluestone are part of a much bigger network of hardworking and dedicated suppliers and partners.

We know that it has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone, not least many of our partners.  We’re launching a series catching up with some of them to find out more about their excellent businesses, and learn what Bluestone’s reopening means to them.